Abilities Centre Christmas Market

Here we grow again…  Looking for something fun to do with the  kids? Why not let them spend their  afternoon browsing our Christmas Market on December 3rd. Several vendors will be on location this is definately  an event your family  should not miss. Check us out on December 3rd 2016 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at the Abilities Centre in Whitby Christmas Market. Many of our products will be on display for sale we will also have several samples and giveaways. See you then!!!

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With so many choices and almost no limitations we are constantly posed with the question of scent or no scent. Whether it be in a bubble bath or a bar of natural soap; what does one benefit from indulging in a scented product? Our sense of smell is so closely linked to how we feel and even how we perceive a person to ‘be’… A sophisticated scent is usually associated with an affluent successful person, likewise a fruity scent is usually utilized by a young school girl or playful young women. What do we really get out of using a scented product… Well at bareskincreations a lot of our products are scented but we also realize that not everyone goes for scent. This is why you can order almost any bar of soap or lip balm as a scent free product. Just ask! Please take a quick peak at the attached link where they’ve done an amazing job in outlining how your MOOD is affected by scents. Pretty Cool! Until next time stay blessed.



Develop your CUSTOM Gift Set for the Christmas Season. Choose yours soaps and custom lip balm order. Our soaps take six weeks to cure, so if  we do not receive your order early enough only your lip balms and bath bombs can be customized. 3 Soaps, 3 lip balms, 3 bath bombs, 1 body butter. Email your order to bareskincreations@gmail.com $45.00


Christmas is soon approaching be prepared ahead of time with one of our many gift set boxes. Each bag is filled with three RANDOM  natural hand-made soaps, three bath bombs, three lip balms, and one 235 ml  jar of  moisture rich body butter. For the man in your life there are body butters for men too. just email our customer service team with your specifications.  Each beautifully Christmas themed box retails for $35.00.

NEW Facial Serum: Buckthorn Oil

Using natural real ingredients is more essential now than ever. With several different types of cancer on the rise it has become common place to safeguard against toxic chemicals. The cosmetic industry is known for fooling women into buying into useless and sometimes harmful products. This serum may be pricey but it is definitely anything but toxic.  Our Facial Serum is loaded with Buckthorn Oil. Read the article below to get a better idea of how this oil can be  a benefit to your beauty regiment. It also contains Sesame Oil, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil,  Patchouli oil, Vitamin E oil and more ( NO FILLERS). Order yours today and get started on the road towards healthy affordable skin care.

renewal serum with buckthorn oil $65.00

renewal serum with buckthorn oil $65.00



Glycerin> What is it?

The glycerin found in handmade soaps has so many uses. Take a look at the following article you may be pleasantly surprised. Every bar of  soap at bareskincreations contain glycerin which shouldRead More…

Many of our soaps contain Walnut Oil.   Our Renewal Serum also has this great oil.

Walnut Oil So Good For You

The most we commonly know about walnuts is that they are a great snack. But this nut has so much more to offer than just good taste. Who knew that the oilRead More…

Eucalyptus, Goat milk, Rose Petals, OR  Misty Blue.


EUCALYPTUS OIL DID YOU KNOW that the well known essential oil  Eucalyptus  is a natural treatment for  a number of respiratory issues like the cold, cough, running noses, sore throats, congestion, bronchitisRead More…



Why you should use natural soaps? WHY BOTHER USING NATURAL  SOAPS? Most of us have no idea what we’re buying when we purchase soap.  Most consumers are not aware that  natural soapRead More…

Christmas Market Abilities Centre Whitby December 3rd


Welcome  to BareskinCreations you have found the home of all natural locally hand made soaps. We also hand make lip balm, body butter,  body wash, facial  serum & facial  masks. So indulgeRead More…