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Once in a while we like to give back to the community  and in turn to our valued customers. Providing space on our site for local businesses to advertise allows our customer access to some amazing services. Take a look at the following link and if need be check them out.


You have spoken and we’ve listened to your comments and suggestions. We are happy to launch our new and improved BODY BUTTER. We’ve remained consistent with our most popular  scent CUCUMBER MINT; the formula however has been drastically improved. This creamy whipped formula is nourishing for all skin types especially those suffering from allergies. Try some today and see the difference. You’ve spoken and we are definitely listening to you our valued customers. Check out the following link for some more  treats that are sure to enhance your bathroom experience. 

For Everything There is a Season!

Here at BareSKin Creations we are strong believers that for everything there is a season. This belief carries through to the exact timing that we choose to produce various types of soap. For this wonderful season of summer we will be unveiling our baby soft soap. This soap is packed with natural skin loving oils just for babies soft gentle skin. Many have reported not having to use any moisturiser after using, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. This soap will be available here on our online store as well at some local retailers. Enjoy the season of summer because this season is meant to be enjoyed. Indulge in the things that are appropriate for this season, family, friends, patios, travel… and of course trying out fresh new soap products. Stay posted for pics of our new product we are anxious for you to try it. Happy Summer.

We’re Back in the Kitchen

After a short break due to some restructuring from within we are happy to be  back creating again in the bareskincreations kitchen. Today we were busy making eczema Roll on Relief Butter. This all natural product is conveniently packaged in a plastic roll up container (similar to a deodorant tube) making it very convenient to just roll on the effected areas. Made from Shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and scented with oats and honey fragrance oil, this product is a must have for anyone suffering from dry irritated red, itchy skin. Although we cannot claim that it will definitely clear up your eczema we can attest to the fact that it will nourish and heal most skin irritations.

We were also busy cooking up a batch of our  famous body butter scented with our cucumber melon and mint oils. This butter effortlessly melts into the skin while nourishing and healing dry skin. Check out our store where you can browse around and order today.


After a recent trip to my local department store i was shocked at the utter lack of quality soap dishes and general holders for items like BATH BOMBS. So I’ve included a link below for you to browse with some great must haves for any bathroom. After all, if you are going to make the switch to bar soap you should be able to do so in style.

As an end of day treat why not drop one of our scented bath bombs in your soaker tub or Jacuzzi and soak your stress away. Can’t get to the spa often enough? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t  unwind. Using only essential oils in all our bath bombs and pure baking soda which is great for your skin. Great for couples as an excuse to bathe together, your entire bathroom will be scented with these essential oils for hours. Are you suffering from eczema or psoriasis; well our oatmeal bath bomb will be a great relief to your skin. Check out the link below for shower and bath accessories.



Well the consensus is in, it seems our most popular soap for men is our coffee sensation soap. This rustic coffee scented soap with actual coffee grinds is a winner. The exfoliation power of  this bar is to die for. Packed with natural oils and butters for ultimate moisture. Good for the entire body, it will give him a reason to get out of bed. And she will most likely be using it as well. Pick one up today for each of the men in your life; at least he’ll actually use your gift!!! At just $7 each how can you possibly go wrong.  Order today to give time for shipment. Unfortunately there is a  limited supply available until we make the next  batch which will take six weeks to cure.  Please check out the link below for more gift ideas for him from another site. We are not affiliated with the following site link.


With so many choices and almost no limitations we are constantly posed with the question of scent or no scent. Whether it be in a bubble bath or a bar of natural soap; what does one benefit from indulging in a scented product? Our sense of smell is so closely linked to how we feel and even how we perceive a person to ‘be’… A sophisticated scent is usually associated with an affluent successful person, likewise a fruity scent is usually utilized by a young school girl or playful young women. What do we really get out of using a scented product… Well at bareskincreations a lot of our products are scented but we also realize that not everyone goes for scent. This is why you can order almost any bar of soap or lip balm as a scent free product. Just ask! Please take a quick peak at the attached link where they’ve done an amazing job in outlining how your MOOD is affected by scents. Pretty Cool! Until next time stay blessed. 


Glycerin> What is it?

The glycerin found in handmade soaps has so many uses. Take a look at the following article you may be pleasantly surprised. Every bar of  soap at bareskincreations contain glycerin which shouldRead More…

Walnut Oil So Good For You

The most we commonly know about walnuts is that they are a great snack. But this nut has so much more to offer than just good taste. Who knew that the oil in this  amazing nut serves as an antiseptic to reduce risk of infection on  wounds. Some other hidden benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial , anti- fungal and anti- aging just to name a few. Studies have shown that this oil also works as  an anti-oxidant and possibly could help the fight against cancer.  Our Renewal Serum sells for $65.00 and contains 5 grams of pure walnut oil among other essential oils. So when you   use this product you will reap the benefits of this oil. Browse around our  store.


renewal serum with buckthorn oil $65.00

Renewal Serum with buckthorn and walnut  oil $65.00

Many of our soaps contain Walnut Oil. Our Renewal Serum also has this great oil.

Many of our soaps contain Walnut Oil. Our Renewal Serum also has 5 grams of this great oil.

Order a bottle today.




EUCALYPTUS OIL DID YOU KNOW that the well known essential oil  Eucalyptus  is a natural treatment for  a number of respiratory issues like the cold, cough, running noses, sore throats, congestion, bronchitisRead More…