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Well the consensus is in, it seems our most popular soap for men is our coffee sensation soap. This rustic coffee scented soap with actual coffee grinds is a winner. The exfoliation power of  this bar is to die for. Packed with natural oils and butters for ultimate moisture. Good for the entire body, it will give him a reason to get out of bed. And she will most likely be using it as well. Pick one up today for each of the men in your life; at least he’ll actually use your gift!!! At just $7 each how can you possibly go wrong.  Order today to give time for shipment. Unfortunately there is a  limited supply available until we make the next  batch which will take six weeks to cure.  Please check out the link below for more gift ideas for him from another site. We are not affiliated with the following site link.  https://www.gifts.com/ideas/him