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With so many choices and almost no limitations we are constantly posed with the question of scent or no scent. Whether it be in a bubble bath or a bar of natural soap; what does one benefit from indulging in a scented product? Our sense of smell is so closely linked to how we feel and even how we perceive a person to ‘be’… A sophisticated scent is usually associated with an affluent successful person, likewise a fruity scent is usually utilized by a young school girl or playful young women. What do we really get out of using a scented product… Well at bareskincreations a lot of our products are scented but we also realize that not everyone goes for scent. This is why you can order almost any bar of soap or lip balm as a scent free product. Just ask! Please take a quick peak at the attached link where they’ve done an amazing job in outlining how your MOOD is affected by scents. Pretty Cool! Until next time stay blessed.