After a short break due to some restructuring from within we are happy to be  back creating again in the bareskincreations kitchen. Today we were busy making eczema Roll on Relief Butter. This all natural product is conveniently packaged in a plastic roll up container (similar to a deodorant tube) making it very convenient to just roll on the effected areas. Made from Shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and scented with oats and honey fragrance oil, this product is a must have for anyone suffering from dry irritated red, itchy skin. Although we cannot claim that it will definitely clear up your eczema we can attest to the fact that it will nourish and heal most skin irritations.

We were also busy cooking up a batch of our  famous body butter scented with our cucumber melon and mint oils. This butter effortlessly melts into the skin while nourishing and healing dry skin. Check out our store where you can browse around and order today.

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