Why you should use natural soaps?

Most of us have no idea what we’re buying when we purchase soap.  Most consumers are not aware that  natural soap contains GLYCERIN. Glycerin is an emollient which softens the skin. You may wonder why all soap  does not contain  glycerin.

Financial gain is the main reason SOAP  industries  world wide routinely removes glycerin from their products. Removing the glycerin from soap to be used in other products has been practiced for many years.  It has been a common practice to utilize this glycerin in the production of moisturizers, toners and other facial skin care products. This leaves the consumer having to purchase several different  products to get the benefits they are looking for.

Natural soap and skin care may seem more costly at a first glance,  however  in the long run going natural is very cost effective. An average bar contains many essential oils, natural moisturizers like Shea butter and palm oil, as well as glycerin, and skin loving dye. To purchase the ingredients contained in your natural soap individually would be very expensive.

the main harmful chemical that consumers should remember amongst others is called TRICLOSAN. This chemical is used in most if not all soaps. This chemical is know to be a chemical of concern which could possibly  soon be banned in several countries . Our natural soaps at bareskincreations DO NOT contain this chemical.

Are the “soaps” you buy actually soap? Read the labels carefully if you’re able to decode the language you will see that most of the ingredients are impossible to pronounce.  These detergents are  harmful for our planet not to speak of what they do to our skin.

The two main types of soap we make at bareskincreations are cold press  and melt and pour. Cold press takes  more time to produce and is therefore  a bit more expensive . It  is made using a combination of oils or fats & lye.  All caustic qualities of the lye however  are removed during  saponification process so not to worry.
Remember our skin is like an absorbent sponge so be  mindful of what you put on it.

Let us help to find whats best for you.  And don’t worry all our soaps are 100% natural and safe to use. Shop now

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